Well, its December (2014) and its looking a close thing! The yearly rain record at this site is 1175 mm set in 1974.

Rain so far this year is 1102 mm* – 73 mm off the record and 2 weeks to go.

Will it be the wettest year since ’75? Probably not but its┬ájust possible.

Actually its not been dreadfully wet ALL year, January and February started the year off to a very wet start but since then its not been so bad – indeed, September, at 10.1 mm, was the driest since 1971 when only 7 mm were recorded!

* Note: this is from the manual 4″ rain gauge, not the automatic recorder – so it does not tie up exactly with the data in the web site. The automatic recorder is a tipping bucket rain gauge and these are not as accurate as a good old fashioned manual funnel and bottle.

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